Dear Club Members, 

You must vote in this election if you have not already!  We have just lived through one of the most chaotic and turbulent summers in recent memory, much of it, if not all, have been created by a government that has not served the nation well.  It is not just the pandemic; it is the discontent in politics, the unlawful killing of our brothers and sisters by police, constant controversy in the news, and our government appears to be out of control. Our feeling of discontent has been exacerbated by the passing of civil rights icons who fought for many years to make life better for so many, yet some readily cast them aside with no respect but with much hypocrisy. 

In our own government, we are confronted with one crisis after another caused by internal conflicts with government officials attacking their own departments, some abuse their authority by rewarding loyalists and punishing enemies.  Our criminal justice system is being distorted where the rule of law is regularly abridged to “go easy” on certain individuals because of their relationships with high officials. One convicted felon was inexplicably pardoned, while several innocent government employees were fired for simply doing their jobs by following the law.  Whatever happened to equal justice under the law?

Undeniably, racism is endemic in virtually all aspects of American society: federal, state, and local governments, educational system, local uniform services, military, corporations and more.  This systemic racism was made clear by the killing of George Floyd by a white police officer who knelt on Floyd’s neck while he gasped for breath, begging for his life.  This one violent, unforgiving act shocked the nation’s conscience, causing protests to erupt across this country and in foreign nations as well.  Recognizing that racism contributed to       black and brown people being more negatively impacted by the novel coronavirus made it much easier to recognize that racism is the primary reason that this same group of people are subject to more violent encounters, too often deadly, with law enforcement.

Despite what is happening in our nation, each club member is the most valuable asset to The Charleston Club.  It is about you, our friends, our home folks, with whom we are gratefully affiliated.  We want the best for you and your families.  Let us join together by concerted effort to help make a positive and necessary change in our nation by voting in this year’s election.  All votes are important and needed, and we must vote in numbers at or greater than in 2008 because this is truly the next most important election in more than half a century.

Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote