1. AngelahsWhere were you born?
    Charleston, S.C.
  2. Proudest moment?
    Being born to my mother
  3. What color best describes you?
  4. What was your first job?
    chores as a kid at home
  5. What inspires you?
    the stories of Interesting people
  6. Describe yourself in one word.
  7.  What is your favorite charity or cause?
    M.S. society
  8. What is your favorite food?
    Fresh fruit
  9. Place you would like to visit?
  10. What’s your advice to young adults starting out in life?
    Stay focused on education
  11. Three peopledead or alive  who you  would invite to dinner:
    President Obama, First Lady Obama,  Oprah
  12. Last vacation:
  13. What do you like most about Charleston?
    Our culture, food and architecture
  14. What do you do for fun:?
  15. Quality you admire most in people:
  16. What’s your personal motto?
    Really live until you die; Do your bucket list
  17. Did you ever play a sport?
    Yes, many attempted
  18. What makes you REJOICE?
    Everyday Blessings from our LORD

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