A Brief History of the Charleston, SC Club of Washington, DC Area 

The Charleston Club was organized in Washington, DC on the second Saturday in July 1948 (July 10, 1948).  The purposes of the Club, which were agreed upon by the charter members, were to foster good relations and to keep in touch with all Charlestonians.  The Club also participated in benevolent activities. These purposes and activities are still in effect today.  The Charter members agreed that membership in the Club would include both husbands and wives as long as one party of each couple was a Charlestonian.

Edward M. Deas and William L. Magwood made contacts with all known Charlestonians who could be reached at the time. One of the highlights of meetings of the Charleston Club is to share news from home about friends and associates and to keep in touch with what is going on in Charleston – our hometown.  The activities of the Club have included an annual Christmas Party, an annual Picnic in Rock Creek Park, worshipping together at various churches in the city, and making contributions to needy families at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The Club has also contributed annually to the NAACP and has given a few scholarships to Charlestonians.

– Prepared by Charter Members: Edward M. Deas and William L. Magwood

The first officers of the Charleston Club were: 

President  –  Edward M. Deas
Vice President – William L. Magwood
Treasurer  –  Wilmoth J. Johnson
Business Managers- Everett C. Cooke & John D. Roper
Secretary  –  Goldie W. Claiborne
Financial Secretary  –  Ernest E. Miller

An Extended View of The History of the Charleston, SC Club